This facility produces complete electrical panels and control systems for any kind of industrial and residential application, low or medium voltage. Low voltage panels come to a range from 0-6300A Type tested assemblies, with modular construction ready to cover the most demanding application where power continuity and safety are paramount.

Medium Voltage switchgear from 6.6 up to 36KV covering all types of SF6 and Vacuum technologies is manufactured in our facility to be able to cover power distribution needs in a diverse range of applications from metal enclosed to metal clad and RMU units switchgear featuring the latest technologies in the sector.

Automation and Control Panels using all the latest Drives and PLC systems technologies, to automate anything from small pumps stations to complex production machines or large scale sewage treatment plants and power management grids with SCADA systems.

This department is also responsible for Medium voltage predictive maintenance and on site electrical diagnostics on MV cubicles, Transformers, Coils, busswork and all
electrical distribution media. We use the latest electronic test equipment for all the above activities to provide certified reliable results.

Sector Categories

Automation and Control Panels

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BMS and SCADA Systems and Panels

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Electrical Enclosures

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Low Voltage Switchgear

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Medium Voltage Switchgear

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